If you’re like most people, you need a good nights rest to fully function the next day. With hectic life schedules, you shouldn’t have to stress over how much sleep you’re going to get-or, not get, per night.  Healthy sleeping habits can make a HUGE difference in your lifestyle and can change a drowsy, sleepy morning into a productive and accomplished afternoon! Here are some quick tips and tricks to ensure you’re practicing good sleep hygiene and will ensure you are improving the quality of your waking life. 

Tip Number 1: Exercise Exercise Exercise

     When most people see this word, the first feelings that come to mind is dread and misery.  Exercise isn’t an activity that is always fun and pleasurable, however, doing this on a regular basis could dramatically improve your nighttime slumber.  A good workout can help you get great shuteye! It has been clinically proven that daily aerobic exercise can help you fall asleep faster and for a longer period of time.  Activities such as walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are all great for setting your body up to have a rested night.  According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, experts say that in order to get a good night’s rest, one should work out five to six hours BEFORE going to bed.  Doing this gives your body enough time to recover and cool down from the workout, while at the same time, leaves a large enough window for you to release pent up stress from the day.   

Tip Number 2: Diet is Key

     We all love indulging in those foods we know we shouldn’t eat, especially as a nighttime treat before bed.  Turns out, eating foods before you lay down has some serious effects on the amount of sleep you’ll get that night.  In order to sleep soundly with no surprise wake-ups, heavy meals should be avoided in the evening hours-specifically two to three hours before laying down.  Foods that are high in fat and carbs are slower to digest therefore causing one to feel bloated and extremely full in the morning. Chowing down before bed can cause some serious health problems, such as heartburn, weight gain, bloated feeling, and insomnia in some cases.  Cutting your eating habits off around 7PM is a great trick on how to avoid late night cravings and ultimately help improve your sleep schedule!

Tip Number 3: Keep it Cool

    Not everyone enjoys sleeping in an air-conditioned room.  Some people prefer a hot setting, some people prefer a cold setting.  However, research has shown that if your body is cooled at night-falling anywhere from 62 to 72 degrees-you will not wake up as often.  According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, our body temperatures naturally rise and fall. Our bodies are at its hottest temperatures during the day and are at their coolest temperatures during the night. When we doze off to rest, our body is naturally cooling itself down.  When we keep our thermostats at cooler temperatures, we help our bodies reach its natural cooling temperatures at a faster rate.  This process of speeding up nighttime cooling temperatures will encourage a deeper sleep that lasts throughout the night. 

Tip Number 4: Turn off the Power at the Right Hour

    In this day in age, it is SO hard to not check Facebook or Instagram every thirty minutes- or more.  But if we want to ensure a good night’s rest that is interruption free, the technology devices need to be cut.  Using your phones and computers during the day is fine, but scrolling on the internet while lying in bed is harmful to your mental health.  The research is simple- using your phone during the hours before sleep makes it tougher to fall and stay asleep. Health problems associated with nighttime technology use includes headaches, eye strain, anxiety, and sleep disorders such as night terrors and sleepwalking. 

Tip Number 5: Mattress Matters

      For those of you who are still sleeping on a lumpy mattress with decade old coiled springs, think again.  Your mattress is the most important element that should be taken into consideration when working to improve your sleep habits.  A solid providing mattress that fits you’re your body’s needs is the backbone to a good night’s rest and is what builds the foundation to your sleep success.  Here at Bedcrafters By Michelle, we are passionate about helping you improve your sleep and educating you on how a quality mattress can make a huge difference in your life.  We use the natural materials that SHOULD be used to make mattresses. Our mattresses are not mass produced and are custom designed using computer technology to fit your sleep type.  Since sleep is such an important study to doctors and experts, your mattress provider should have vast knowledge and connections to the medical field.  Working with local neurologists, chiropractors, sleep clinics, and orthopedic surgeons, Bedcrafters By Michelle works to make sure our mattresses are made with the highest quality material so you can get the best sleep possible. A mattress is an investment that should be stable and sustainable with custom-made comfort.  Don’t shop around for just any old mattress that appears bearable from the outside- because in reality, a poor mattress purchase could be a mistake that you later regret.  Shop with Bedcrafters By Michelle and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress!