1. Keep your room clutter-free

    We all know this can be hard sometimes, but studies have shown that keeping your room organized and clean can help you sleep soundly at night.  Having a messy room can add to the clutter that is already in your head from thoughts during the day. Whether it is that pile of clothes sitting on the floor or having an unmade bed, research shows that having less mess in your sleeping area helps rest and quiet your brain at night.  So next time you go to toss your jacket on the floor or get out of bed without fully making it- think again!


2. Make your bed in the morning-seriously!

    One of the HARDEST tasks in the morning is to make your bed- trust us, we know.  Especially in the winter months, its just so tempting to curl back up in the bundle of warmth and fall soundly back to sleep.  However, making your bed each morning will significantly contribute to a sounder sleep during the night hours.  Making your bed doesn’t only keep your room more organized, but it makes you look forward to rolling down those covers and climbing into bed at night even more!


3. Charge your phone in an area that is away from your bed/nightstand

    Stop charging your phone next to your bed.  Why? Because it’s just so tempting to look at it at night! Whether it is scrolling through social media or watching a favorite TV show from the Netflix app, its gotten harder and harder to put down our phones.  When the evening hours approach, let your phone charge in a place such as the kitchen, or even the bathroom.  This way, the temptation is completely eliminated and your brain can get the rest it needs!


4. Keep a checklist of things you need to do during the day, and cross them off when you complete them

    Knowing that your work is done (or is in the process of being done) will help your mind rest easy at night! Physically crossing off items on your “to-do” list is mentally more satisfying to our minds and won’t have your brain wandering in circles thinking about the next day. 


5. Nix the naps

    Naps are our go-to solution when we are drowsy and have some free time during the day.  Although this is a short-term fix, it can turn into a long-term, permeant problem.  Nixing the naps during the day is SO much better for our sleep at night because our natural circadian rhythm isn’t interrupted.