Drs. Robert and Annie Pinto talking about their mattress purchase and the incredible passion Michelle has for her customers

George and Kathy were so happy with their purchase at BedCrafters By Michelle they even bought one for Kathy's mom as well.

Mary Beth talks about her outstanding experience at BedCrafters By Michelle

Dear Michelle and Annette,
What a delight meeting all of you the other day. Within a hour purchased not one, but two mattresses, when I was not really shopping for one. Your warm and enjoying surroundings allowed us to experience an opportunity that will impact us for years to come. Having been frustrated after buying three different mattresses ( 2 expensive and one from a box store) in 18 years and “enduring” yet another sunken mattress after a short time, we assumed they are all the same! Well they are not!!!! You know your product, you took your time to know us and combined those pieces of knowledge into something marvelous! You presented the benefits of the mattress and then allowed us private time to make a decision. Our home is our sanctuary to us, particularly the bedroom so this is an investment into our marriage and into our well-being. Thank you for your kindness and what you give to others..which is so much of your heart and soul.
— Craig & Joanne Waldron, Roanoke, VA

Dear Michelle, I’m writing to thank you for my custom bed. I have a bad neck from a motor accident where it was fractured along with some back issues. I purchased your first bed 11 years ago and it has saved my life…. Your customer service and being someone who cares makes your beds above any others and worth every cent! Thank you for your amazing spirit….
— Cindi Smith, Greenbelt, MD

I recently purchased a bed from Bed Crafters by Michelle, Short Pump. I cannot say enough about the quality of their products and the great customer service. Annette answered all my questions, never once using high pressure sale tactics. It was such a welcome change from some of the other local stores I visited. I would highly recommend Bed Crafters and their staff.
— Richmond, VA
We love our bed…..best my wife and I have ever owned, by far!!!! Great experience buying our mattress both during and after the purchase! We recommend Bedcrafters By Michelle whenever possible!
— Anthony and Marybeth Tedesco

Annette and Michelle understand their product well and take pride in educating customers on the quality that they are buying. They are always pleasant and knowledgeable in their field. I have referred some of my patients over to BedCrafters to have a better understanding of the importance of a quality mattress and a good night’s sleep. I have had excellent feedback from the people I refer and they are always pleased with their purchase.
— Dr. Haley D. Logan, Washington DC

Every night I have a wonderful night’s sleep because of BedCrafters by Michelle! I was amazed at the depth of Michelle’s knowledge of physiology and loved the way she educated me about mattresses. I love to make an informed decision when buying anything and with her guidance I got the perfect mattress! Thanks Michelle and Annette—you are awesome!
— Suzanne Dana, Williamsburg, VA

My husband and I were absolutely blown away by the outstanding customer service and professionalism of Michelle and Annette at Bedcrafters by Michelle. Plus we couldn’t be happier with our new Winndom mattress. We have had our new mattress for about three weeks, and it gets more and more comfortable every night. My back and hips feel wonderful in the morning, and I sleep more soundly than I have in many years. There is a reason that Winndom has such a reputable name. Not only are their mattresses well made, but the company absolutely stands by their product. When we came toMichelle, we were having difficulties with our older Winndom mattress that was purchased at a different Bedcrafters store (about 8 years ago). Even though that store has since closed, Bedcrafters by Michelle honored the other company’s warranty and gave us a new king mattress….free of charge! Where else can you find customer service like that?
I HIGHLY recommend Winndom mattresses at Bedcrafters by Michelle!
— Diane and Ralph Cantrell, Richmond, VA